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Poonam Kaur is a holistic practitioner, fashion designer, and graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, NY. As the founder of Poonam Designs LLC, her mission is to revolutionize medical garments for women who are fighting and recovering from breast cancer and mastectomy surgery. Through enhancing convenience, comfort and chic clothing she provides normalcy to women during this difficult time.


This clothing line not only works with patients in hospitals and rehabilitation centers but pairs well during the entire process with their normal every day clothing. 

These clothes are produced by women with love from India. Poonam single handedly finances the factory to provide careers for underprivileged women as well as survivors of domestic abuse. By offering them career support and teaching them the skills of trade, she aims to help and enable them to live with dignity and confidence. By teaching a skill-set it empowers those to break the cycle of abuse and poverty. 

by women, for women

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